Customer Support

Customer Support is the process of providing professional administrative or technical help to remote clients.
Customer Support can consists of individuals as well as companies who work remotely to provide a wide range of services.
Customer Support can be grouped into two categories:-

  •  A dedicated virtual assistant works from an office and under the management of a company.
  • Secondly we have a home based virtual assistant who works from their home.

A good Customer Support representative should have several years of experience earned in the real business world.
The main advantage of hiring a Customer Support representative or a virtual assistant is that the client does not incur a number of expenses such as employee-related taxes, insurance expenses, employee benefits, costs for office equipment and supplies.
The modes of communication between the client and the virtual assistant include the internet, e-mails and telephone calls. Recent advancements in technology have seen these modes of communication slowly being replaced by technologies such as Skype and Google Voice.
Some of the general tasks that can be delegated to a virtual assistant basically include some of the clerical jobs such as:-

  • Managing contact lists and customer spreadsheets.
  • Maintaining a calendar and setting up meetings.
  • Sending out information requested by customers.
  • Handling client enquires either by telephone calls or e-mails.

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