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Tips for making a high quality audio recording

Quality of recording highly affects the cost of our service to you. It is also the most significant determinant of high quality transcripts. Low quality recordings not only makes transcription more expensive, but also makes the transcripts less accurate due to inaudible sections.

  • Use high quality equipment – Some of our media clients high precision noise cancelling microphones that only record the words said and not the noise surrounding
  • Put the microphone right next to the speaker’s mouth
  • Choose a quite surrounding – bars, restaurants, airports, subways e.t.c are generally not the best venues due to noise.
  • Test the recording before you get started.
  • Encourage multiple speakers to speak one at a time
  • For emphasis sake, the interviewer may repeat what has been said, e.g. “So Tom, you have said that you don’t regret your actions. What about the repercussions of your actions?
  • Ask participants to introduce themselves at the beginning (so that we can mark the voices vs names of participants).
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