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Daproim Africa proposes a wide range of volume data management data services for multinationals, governments, institutions, media companies, telecoms and corporations; that which is completed to perfection within the specified timelines and task requirements. Our IT prowess ensures accuracy and authenticity for your work plan; whilst you accomplish your business core activities.

Daproim Africa's highly competent and skilled staff makes sure our standards for; Transcription, English, Creative Writing, Photo Editing, Data Entry, Research & Analysis and Software & IT Services surpass your expectations. Rest assured that the company integrity levels place your data in the safest of hands since we observe strict confidentiality with tasks assigned to Daproim Africa.

The over 120 full time staff members accelerate the completion time for our ever content clients. Furthermore the Digital Campus Connect program currently employs 300 students to perform impact sourcing tasks for the company. The DCC project, together with the current staff at Daproim, supplies a highly motivated workforce ready to meet targets and often beats deadlines placing emphasis on quality. With this team of dedicated workers very little if not none is left to chance.

Our rates are highly competitive in the Kenyan market and our company has the experience and capacity to achieve all the above having been established in 2006. Daproim Africa practices the aphorism, "practice what you preach" and so far we look forward to deliver for your business.

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