Case Study 1: Linda Nyabundi

Linda’s life changed after her father‘s retirement. Second last born in a family of 5, Linda Linda is a 3rd year student in Maseno University studying Business Administration. Linda had never imagined that someday she would have to wash someone’s clothes to support herself. Linda, 22, was raised in a very wealthy background and life was comfortable up until her father’s retirement, soon after he was diagnosed with cancer. All the family’s resources went towards hospital bills until her father’s death.

Linda had to drop out of Strathmore University – a private university and and join Maseno University – a public university due to lack of school fees. Linda’s mother, a nurse, was unable to make ends meet due to her low income. She could only support one child through school, this was Linda’s younger brother who was in high school at the time. Linda on the other hand had to fend for herself, find her own money to join campus and complete her studies. A determined Linda had to do odd jobs like hand washing other people’s clothes, doing other people’s assignments for a small pay and running small errands after joining campus to survive and stay in school. 

When Linda saw the DCC advertisement poster on the campus notice board, she skeptically decided to give it a try and was soon accepted into the program in March 2012. At present through her DCC income, she is not only able to take care of her own upkeep, but she’s also able to send her extra savings back home to assist in rent, assist her sister with her new born baby’s expenses and help her mother in paying school fees for her younger brother who is still in High school. Linda claims that the DCC program is the best work study program she has ever known.

 Last year in 2012, Daproim exposed her to a Manpower Job employability seminar where she learned job hunting skills. As a parting shot, Linda avers, “DCC is just not a stepping stone, to something bigger; OCR is just not about validation of books and getting paid. It is about helping blind people in the US, and personally, my life has changed thanks to this.” 

Case Study 4: Margaret Muthoni

A strong believer, Margaret Muthoni Kamau believed that one day, God would send her a miracle and she would not have to ask her father for money anymore and after failing the first DCC interview, she felt a conviction that she was meant to work for DCC.
23 year old Margaret, known by her friends as Maggie, is a 2nd year student in Kenyatta University, studying Bachelor of Economics and Finance.
Both parents are small scale farmers, “I know what a hard life is, especially having to fed for 3 children with meager earnings”. To her, being chased out of school for lack of school fees was the order of the day, but her father would struggle to pay the school fees.

Case Study 7: Isaac Bwire

Isaac Bwire is a 3rd year student in the University of Nairobi, studying Bachelor of Commerce. Having lost his father in 1996, Bwire, a 5th born in a family of six, was raised by their mother.

A peasant farmer with neither professional training nor any formal education, it was very strenuous for his mother to fulfill the needs of all her children. After his father’s demise, except for his older sister who was in form 3 then, Bwire and all the other siblings were educated by well wishers and sponsors.

Case Study 8: Cyril Joseph Busiega

Cyril is one of those people who does not know how it feels to be loved by a father. “I don’t know my father…I have never seen him.” That is how he bugun his story.

A 3rd year student at Maseno University, Cyril Joseph Busiega was raised by his grandmother after his mother got married to his step father.

His grandmother took care of him until he got to class 5, where his mother took him in. His mother is a farmer and is the only support that Cyril has.

After finishing high school, Cyril’s mother developed high blood pressure.

Cyril helps his mother with farm work and helped her open an account to deposit any savings arising from earnings  generated from his mom’s small farm. This came in handy when he was joining campus.

His step father does not offer much help and he does not get along with him or his step brothers and sisters.

In campus, life has not been easy for Cyril and he has had to apply for the HELB loan. Cyril wanted to do printing services in school so that he could support his mother, but this was a tall order due to lack of financing. When he heard about DCC from his friend, he decided to apply saying, “I have  never regretted my decision.”

He started working in May and has been able to take care of his mother who coud not go a year without getting admitted in hospital. Cyril explains that his mother was once attacked by thugs who beat her and her back was badly injured. “She can’t bend a lot and most of the times, when am at home, I have to cook for her and do many other things for.” He is really determined to help his mother and that is one of the main reasons why he is working very hard in DCC.

Cyril ia also saving some money for his mother’s farm. Currently, he says that there is a maize disease that has been spreading and he wants to be ready for any eventuality since that small maize farm has basically educated him.

“DCC is of help,” concludes Cyril, “I believe that it will open my mind for something even greater.”

Case Study 10: Isaac Ndirangu

After Isaac’s parents separated in 1992, at a tender age of 2 years, he was taken to his grandmother and stayed with her until he finished his primary school education.
Isaac Ndirangu is a 3rd year student in Maseno University, studying Communication and Media Technology. After his parents’ separation, his father did not contribute anything towards Isaac’s education or his sister’s.
When he joined high school, life was even more arduous. He had to work in people’s farms, sell in shops, and, do any type of work that he could come across, in order to raise cash for buying books and pocket money.
He finished his O-levels in 2008, waited for 2 years and then joined campus. This is when his father decided to help taking over payment of Isaac’s campus school fees. However, this did not amuse Isaac. While in campus, Isaac tried applying for many online jobs, even though most of them turned out to be spurious.
Isaac applied to join DCC in March and begun working in May. He has so far earned Kshs. 25,000, which he used for his upkeep and to support his mother, sister and grandmother, saying that the four of them have come from far. He says that DCC is a good initiative “Imenibamba sana!” (Swahili slang for ‘It is (Swahili slang for ‘It is amazing), and, he continues, “If there was more like this, many students will have been helped a lot.”
With his DCC salary, maintains his upkeep in school and supports his mother, grandmother and sister. He says that the four of them have come from far and he intends to make sure that his sister (who is in Moi University) also applies for the programme.

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