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Digital Campus Connect

The Digital Campus Connect dubbed Nikko Workx (Kenyan slang for ‘I’m hustling!’) is a programme with socio-corporate goals employing disadvantaged university students to work for Daproim Africa remotely while studying.

Social Problem


Solution to the Social Problem

The theory of change

Goals of the DCC Program

  • To provide employment to over 500 disadvantaged university students, thereby ensuring a transformational impact on the poor families at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Pay salaries to the students enabling them to pay their own school fees and upkeep (Over 90% of the students come from financially unstable backgrounds.)
  • Transfer Business, Technical and Soft skills giving the students an edge in the formal job market through through their work experience at Daproim Africa
  • Shore up our talent and delivery capabilities
  • Capacity building
  • Increase Impact Sourcing employment opportunities for computer literate youth through improved sustainability of Daproim Africa.

You can be part of our programme by:

  1. Outsourcing work – (not aid) to our student workers. Click here to give work.
  2. Providing internship opportunities to our graduating students. Benefits to you as an employer. Click here to join our list of internship employers.
  3. Supporting our infrastructure to enable employment of more students. Click here to Support us.
  4. Becoming a knowledge partner to help build and strengthen this programme. Click here to strengthen this program.
  5. Liking us on facebook. Like our facebook page.

Project Partners

Daproim Africa is a Kenyan Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) social enterprise owned and managed by a young entrepreneur.

TechnoServe a non profit economic development organization believes in boosting enterprises that have potential to generate positive social returns through creating sound business strategies.

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