Impact Sourcing

The business world is fast changing. Increased competition and the need to remain relevant are factors that motivate development in business. Impact sourcing is a long overdue idea that businesses with future plans in development and growth need to adopt. Impact sourcing is the business practice of hiring workers living in economically depressed areas in developing countries.

impact sourcing activities
Daproim Africa is a Kenyan impact sourcing provider that delivers on its promise of being your reliable impact sourcing provider. Digital Campus Connect (DCC) program sums up Daproim Africa's business model for impact sourcing. As the name suggests, the program targets youth in institutions of higher learning to complete micro tasks for their esteemed partners who include The US Institute of Peace, San Francisco, Indian and the OCR Partners.
Daproim Africa provides employment to the youth whose background is financially challenged. DCC employs these young people from financially unstable backgrounds in a work-study program that sees them provide for their school fees and support themselves.

For the businesses that wonder why impact sourcing is such a big deal, allow Daproim to make impact sourcing the advantage for your business through:

  • Provision of a two-in-one business strategy; social corporate responsibility and reduced operational costs. Impact sourcing contracts workers at an average wage lower than in their home countries but higher in the host countries.
  • Increased efficiency since the business concentrates on its core activities and
  • World class standards when completing tasks.

Become another satisfied Daproim Partner and realize your business potential.

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